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Coming Up: Puerto Vallarta Retreat

Sept. 28-Oct 5

Create space for new possibility in your life with a week of inspired yoga practices, nourishing gourmet food, and optional excursions at a luxury beach resort in Puerto Vallarta. Through practices of hatha, yin and yoga nidra threaded with yoga philosophy and jungian psychology, you will learn how to listen deeply to yourself. We will begin and end with a sacred circle to set intention followed by a silent meditation under moonlight. This retreat is for people who need a pause from the busyness of everyday life to drop into the space within and connect to what is most meaningful. Return to your life with what you discover.

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Jen is so much more than a yoga teacher. She is a genuine human, with love and compassion for her clients and their pains, bringing heart and soul to her teachings and tailors to both the emotional and physical needs of her clients.During a transitional time, perpetuated by sadness, loss, and severe panic attacks, Jen’s teaching helped guide me to make many life changing decisions. With consistent practice and dedication, I have learned to breathe, to be with my feelings, to meditate 30 minutes daily, and most importantly to know my body. Through her guidance and teachings of yoga philosophy I have not only made positive life changes but I have found myself and a sense of inner peace, and purpose. Private yoga with Jen is a gift!
— Alessandra R.


Our company hired Jen Netherby in early 2014 for one company and then we extended it to our other company in early 2016.  I have seen amazing results!  Our employees are more focused and productive after each class.  I feel it is well worth it to offer these yoga classes and I would recommend it to any other company!  Namaste.

Alexandra Baehler


Jennifer creates an environment that’s comfortable, supportive and welcoming for students at all levels of their yoga practice, from beginners to those who have been taking classes for years. They ensure all their students move deeper into their practice while remaining aware and respectful of their individual limits. I left the class feeling both refreshed and invigorated.

— Daniel Taub


Jen Netherby guides students back to themselves through hatha, restorative and yoga nidra. Her 20-year yoga practice has been a study of moving beyond the stories of mind to reconnect to the sensations of the body for a richer experience of life

What Is Truly Self-Care?

I am on a mission to expand the modern-day definition of self-care because it is something we all so desperately need in our everyday life. There’s a whole self-care industrial complex that has sprung up over the last few years to convince us that self-care means...

Letting Curiosity Lead

C U R I O S I T Y ✨ I’ve been thinking about it as a thread that leads us into our own path. Curiosity invites in the mystery of life. We can’t always explain what draws us to something and often we only know once we follow our curiosity through. ✨ I snapped this pic...

Finding A Way Forward

I remember in my 20s wishing I could live a multitude of lives. It seemed like I would need to live more than one so that I could experience all the different possibilities I wondered about. What would it be like to live in California? What about New York City? I was...

Nourish and Restore with this Practice

I created a restorative practice for stressful times. Appropriate for all levels. (not sure if the video is showing, find it here.) Restore and nourish from Jen Netherby on Vimeo.

Mental Floss

Having been a journalist before I was a yoga teacher, I was so excited when Mental Floss reached out to me earlier this month to ask about the top secrets of yoga teachers. I shared some funny and some deeper secrets! Check it out here! Was fun to be on the other side...

The Space Between Dreams and Reality

About 10 years ago I moved to Paris to write and instead spent 4 months eating croissants and wandering the city desperately trying to speak French to those who didn't insist on English. I barely opened my computer. I thought I just didn’t have the ambition to write,...