Yoga Philosophy for Now

This yoga philosophy class is for anyone who is yearning to dig deeper into the practice and philosophy of yoga. Each month, we dig into the yoga sutras and other yoga texts in a practical way that can be applied to your life now. Each session includes a meditation or short physical practice, discussion of the month’s focus with time for questions, and homework that will help you apply it to your life.

The Yoga Sutras and yoga philosophy are a pathway to living with more joy and less suffering. The sutras teach that no one is coming to save you — the work of your life is yours alone. Yoga philosophy returns your power to you to create the life you choose. This is why I share these practices. 


A Yoga Adventure with Katie Heeran and Jen Netherby


Create space for new possibility in your life with a weekend of inspired yoga practices, nourishing gourmet food, and community. Through practices of hatha, yin and yoga nidra threaded with yoga philosophy and jungian psychology, you will learn how to listen deeply to yourself. We will begin and end with a sacred circle to set intention followed by a silent meditation under moonlight. This retreat is for people who need a pause from the busyness of everyday life to drop into the space within and connect to what is most meaningful. Return to your life with what you discover.

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