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Health coaching to reach your goals. Yoga classes that meet you where you are. Individual, 1-1 yoga sessions designed just for you.

Certified Health Coach

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

You hold the power and wisdom to live a healthy and vibrant life. As a health coach, my work is to support you and help you draw on your strengths to make sustainable, healthy changes.

My coaching clients have successfully:

  • Incorporated diet and lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off
  • Measurably improved their health to enable their doctors to adjust their medication
  • Built new habits to alleviate stress and improve sleep, even after years of sleepless nights.

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I teach yoga classes and private sessions that welcome all bodies and are steeped in the yoga tradition. Build resilience and rewire stress and anxiety.

My Approach

You are already whole — our work together is to help you center your wellbeing to remember this truth. 

Optimizing and hacking your way to better health is just another path of perfectionism. As a health coach, I work with clients to find balance in the 4 pillars of health: nutrition, movement, stress management and sleep — so you feel better in your body and your life. Coaching is a collaborative process that centers you and helps you reach goals that light you up.

My yoga and meditation teaching is informed by my practice and ongoing studentship. My classes draw on the rich tradition of yoga and create a space for you to meet yourself in this moment and leave class feeling centered and renewed.



Jennifer is truly amazing at what she does. Her calming energy and innate ability to create a safe space where individuals can reflect and revitalize their mental and physical well-being is truly a gift. Would highly recommend to individuals, teams, families or friends looking to take well-deserved time to care for their wellbeing. 
Brittany Driscoll
SQUEEZE Massage Co-Founder & CEO

Jen is so much more than a yoga teacher. She is a genuine human, with love and compassion for her clients and their pains, bringing heart and soul to her teachings and tailors to both the emotional and physical needs of her clients. During a transitional time, perpetuated by sadness, loss, and severe panic attacks, Jen’s teaching helped guide me to make many life changing decisions. With consistent practice and dedication, I have learned to breathe, to be with my feelings, to meditate 30 minutes daily, and most importantly to know my body. Through her guidance and teachings of yoga philosophy I have not only made positive life changes but I have found myself and a sense of inner peace, and purpose. Private yoga with Jen is a gift!
— Alessandra R.

Our company hired Jen Netherby in early 2014 for one company and then we extended it to our other company in early 2016.  I have seen amazing results!  Our employees are more focused and productive after each class.  I feel it is well worth it to offer these yoga classes and I would recommend it to any other company!  Namaste.

Alexandra Baehler
NOIR Furniture LA

There are people sent to this plain to facilitate healing and a returning to self and Jen is one of those amazing and beautiful people. I’ve been a yoga student of Jen’s on and off since 2011. It’s more than movement with her, it’s about the divine within us all and tapping back into it. 

I began one-on-one sessions with Jen in January 2021. I am a pancreatic cancer survivor and when we began our sessions I was in the midst of chemo. My mind, body and spirit were dark and in pain. Every time we meet she lets my energy determine where we’d go during sessions. She has guided me through meditations, chants, learning about the goddesses and movement. She is helping me rebuild from the inside out. Truly. There’s no greater feeling than being surprised at your own abilities to heal via meditation, chanting, learning and/or movement. And I see and feel the changes.  

To say I am grateful for her gifts as a teacher, a healer and a friend is a complete understatement to the power and impact she’s had in my life. 

-Tamara Watford


Ms. Netherby has delivered classes in a patient yet encouraging manner, she has worked with beginning and experienced students and in all cases, Ms. Netherby has far exceeded our expectations.
– Carmen McRae

Jennifer is amazing! Her self care workshop was the perfect way to bring our staff together and re center. Everyone had a great time! Can't wait to schedule our next workshop! 

Michelle Tsaur
SQUEEZE Massage Shop Manager 

Jennifer creates an environment that’s comfortable, supportive and welcoming for students at all levels of their yoga practice, from beginners to those who have been taking classes for years. They ensure all their students move deeper into their practice while remaining aware and respectful of their individual limits. I left the class feeling both refreshed and invigorated.

— Daniel Taub

At times my job can get very stressful. Having yoga at work with Jen has been a great way of releasing stress from the day. Jen really knows how to open up the body, work it out and bring it back to a relaxed state with meditation. 
– Donita Booker

The thing I’ve discovered through my yoga practice is that things are not always what you think they are or expect them to be. Sometimes when you are trying a new pose or even a not so new pose, you alter your breathing or make small adjustments and they really transform it for you.
– Kelly Kinnett 

What Centers Me

My dog, Lady. My family. My friends. My community. My yoga and meditation practice. Time in nature. This is what nourishes me and motivates me to take care of my health and cultivate balance in my life. In my downtime, I enjoy hiking in the Rocky Mountains, traveling with my niece and nephews, laughing with friends, and savoring the quiet of snow falling in the winter with a cup of tea.

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