In Practice


In the chaos and uncertainty of this past year, one thing that was driven home for me was that what ultimately matters is our bonds with each other. That even as they continually change, our relationships are what carry us through tumultuous times. This past year...

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Wintering In L.A.

January has felt like a year in itself. I have struggled to write an email that was coherent this month. I finally realized I'm wintering. Or as the writer Katherine May writes in her meditative book Wintering: “Wintering is a time of withdrawing from the world,...

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Letting Go Wisely

  I received a happy update last week: Mr Darcy has officially been adopted by the person he’s been with the last couple months! He’s doing so well and they sent me a video of him playing and so happy. So. Many. Feelings. Gratitude for his new person and all the...

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