In Practice

Calling in Some Warrior Strength

Tell me if this sounds familiar: times are dark. Ego-driven, corrupt, dark forces have conquered and taken over... Actually not the story of 2020 but the rising of the divine feminine, the Goddess Durga. Yesterday marked the start in India of Navaratri, nine nights...

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Tending to Ourselves

This past week, I’ve been easily frustrated at times, frenzied at other times. Sad when I consider personal and collective losses. Through it all, behind schedule and overwhelmed. All of which is to say I’ve been human and I’m guessing experiencing something similar...

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Thoughts on Yoga and Anti-Racism Work

Like so many,  over the past month I’ve thrown myself into anti-racist work, in books and workshops directly related to yoga and outside of yoga. I’ve been considering how this work dovetails with yoga and how it doesn’t as I incorporate it into my life. Anti-racism...

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