In Practice

Repair and Growth

Earlier this month I introduced forward folds by saying that they support healing because they can bring our nervous system into the parasympathetic state of rest and digest, or as I recently saw it termed, repair and growth. The truth is any yoga pose can be a yoga...

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The Healing State

It’s been a month! How are you? I’m still teaching from Colorado for another two weeks as I continue to rest and heal my body. When I left LA in June, I barely had energy to walk my dog. My body kept having an allergic reaction to more and more foods and my skin was...

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As In Nature, So In Us

I have arrived in Colorado and will be teaching online from here through mid-July. Each morning since arriving here I've practiced asana and yoga nidra outside to the sound of birds and wind in trees, and the occasional car or dog bark. It's felt like a nice long sigh...

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