In Practice

Practice and Letting Go

I was in class with my teacher Tracee Stanley the other day and she asked us to contemplate what we have faith in. After two pandemic years followed by this new time of devastation in the world, the cliche platitudes I might have grasped in the past don’t hold up....

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Widening Our Perspective

I spent my drive out to Colorado in the fall listening to the podcast You're Wrong About. If you haven’t listened, the idea is this: in each episode the hosts reconsider a zeitgeist moment from the past with the 20/20 vision that only comes from hindsight. So, like,...

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The Case For Moving Slowly Into a New Year

Turns out, I *like* winter. The snow makes 19-degree temperatures in Northern Colorado somehow worth it. I spent a good deal of yesterday mesmerized by the snow falling on the empty branches of a tree just outside the window where I teach yoga. I probably quote too...

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