We’re heading into the time of year when we can get inundated with the message that to grow we must step out of our comfort zone. This is true and important. So much of our work in yoga is practicing getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

But there is also great value to being able to find comfort. When we feel comfortable in our body, our mind calms. Vice versa, when our mind is calm, our bodies can find ease.

Similarly, when we are comfortable with ourselves as we are, we are more open to others. It becomes less daunting to try something new.

I am defining comfort, not as being stuck in the familiar so much, but as the ability to find an inner sense of ease. Can you remember the last time you *felt* relaxed and at peace with yourself?

Maybe it was after yoga practice. We can also find this through play. Through walks in nature. Through being around animals. Or people who lift us up. Through eating nourishing foods. We can find it in any moment by connecting back to our breath. The next time you feel uncomfortable, try inhaling into your belly and exhaling from your belly.

Returning to your comfort zone can be an act of self-care.

Finding our internal comfort zone takes practice for most of us. And it is a lifetime practice. We lose it, but we can find it again in any moment. Just as we do in yoga class, simply return to your breath.