These tips below are adapted from my teacher friend Rob Guilmette.

Suggestions for a smooth session:


  1. Set up your space in advance


Clean and organize your space so that you have a peaceful space to practice. (Figure enough space to stand and lay down and be able to reach your arms out side to side and up over head)


Have your mat and any props (blanket, yoga blocks) you may have, rolled out and ready to go.


Eliminate distractions

(turn off T.V.’s, Phones, or any other electronics, and let anyone you need to know you are taking a “time out” or invite them to join you for yoga class)


  1. Arrive early


You can log into the meeting up to 15 minutes early.


If you cannot arrive before start time, please be sure that your volume is on mute so that there will be no sound interruptions during class (mute button will be in the bottom left corner of your screen.)


  1. Be safe


Always listen to your body, use your best judgement, and take care of yourself by modifying the practice in anyway that you need to to keep yourself safe.

(By participating in this class you assume full responsibility for any injury or damage that may occur during this physical activity.)


  1. Have Fun


While I do plan to have your volume muted during practice I do encourage you to take time at the beginning or end to chime in and say hello to your fellow participants.