Self (ish)
Mindful tools for self-care

Interactive workshop with yoga practice, meditation, journaling and discussion.

During challenging times, self-care can feel like self-indulgence. This workshop empowers employees to take charge of their self-care using tools of mindfulness and yoga backed by neuroscience. Attendees will learn what self-care actually looks and feels like and how true self-care not only supports them as an individual but benefits their family and friends, as well as the work they do, and the world at large. We’ll move through a nourishing yoga practice and draw on mindful practices backed by neuroscience with journaling exercises so that attendees gain insight on their specific self-care needs.


Employees will leave with a deeper understanding of just how essential self-care is and some new ways to incorporate it into their life in a way that truly supports them.


How to Manage

Prevent Burnout


It takes 6 weeks to build a new habit in the mind. This 6-week program teaches employees tools to build resilience to stress to prevent burning out. Through weekly 1-hour weekly practices that combine yoga and meditation, they’ll deeply relax with practices they can continue during the week. Each week focuses on a different stress-relief tool from yoga, that is backed by the latest neuroscience research.


Topics include Self-Care, Transforming Anxiety, Using Gratitude to Change Your Baseline Level of Happiness, Meditation, and Breathwork.


Each of these topics can also be taught as a standalone workshop.


Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation

A deep meditation practice, for all levels of meditators. Yoga Nidra, also known as yoga sleep, guides you into your body for deeply relaxation. As your body and mind rest, you open up new pathways in the mind for greater self-awareness, creativity and self-care.