C U R I O S I T Y ✨ I’ve been thinking about it as a thread that leads us into our own path. Curiosity invites in the mystery of life. We can’t always explain what draws us to something and often we only know once we follow our curiosity through. ✨
I snapped this pic last weekend in topanga when my sister, niece and I wandered off the art trail following our curiosity to look at some branches being turned into sculptures rather than staying on the prescribed trail. I glanced over my shoulder and saw this magical view. ✨
That day my niece and I had been talking about tinker bell and fairies. Shortly after we talked to a Scottish woman and I asked her about Scotland, which I’ve been interested in visiting. She, not knowing of our fairy conversation, told us her 92-year old Scottish mother believed fairies might live in the oak trees of topanga. Later we wandered to the art show where I snapped this pic. My sister, niece and I talked about fairies and oak trees as we made our way along and off the path. Then we stumbled on a painting of an oak tree lit up like we imagined a fairy tree might be and my sister bought it.
If we had only followed our logical mind, and not our heartfelt curiousity we would have kept on the path of the art trail rather than wandering off. Maybe even tried to explain to Olivia that fairies aren’t real. We would have missed the magic of these moments that made the day feel like a supernatural adventure.
I had been feeling lost and caught in the ordinary, but this day opened me up, reminded me to follow my curiousity to feel into what feels most alive in my life and to let that guide me on my own adventure. So what calls to you in this moment? And will you follow it?