I know it’s the time of year when we tend to set ambitious resolutions or intentions for how this will be the best year yet. And I’m not discouraging that. I haven’t been feeling that this week. Usually I have a list started, a word I want to focus on, but this year I have been slowed down as my body heals and learning to rest after pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion at the end of 2015.
All of that has meant more time spent meditating than in my physical practice. Instead of working toward handstands as I was a year and two ago, I’ve been sitting and focusing on my breath, the feel of my body, the sounds around me, all these markers of the moment.
One of the teachings of transformation is that it comes when we arrive where we are. Or as Desikachar – we begin where we are.
For me, 2015 was a break with my past. Major life changes. So maybe it’s fitting the 2016 begins with my arrival where I am.