“Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as your friend.”

I came across this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert the other day. It felt like relief and at the same time, I drew a blank when I tried to call to mind an actual unguarded moment of my own friendship.

the promise of it became the pathway.
It takes pausing. Hand to my heart to feel my own beat, only noticeable if I soften, and soften more, until it is all at once the only thing noticeable.
Then letting everything that is here, be here. Curiosity mixed with fear of whether I can grow where I need to grow in my life. Heaviness and uncertainty over what feels like a gazillion news headlines and pictures taken in, just hours into the day. Judgment. The Vulnerability of I don’t know the answers to any of this.
Then the willingness to ask what hurts. And the willingness to feel what hurts, to see it as a friend, who can see it with distance enough to not get lost in it.
The conscious choice that me as my friend offers space and kindness. And the other conscious choice to receive that space and kindness, that friendship.
And then, ok. It’s ok.

I know it’s Monday and so often the one in our head calling the shots is not our friend because we will not get sh*t done if it is, but maybe that’s not true? How else do we start to create change in this world?