Some weeks are messy. If you’re trying something new, it’s messy and awkward at first and often feels impossible. There are weeks as a teacher and writer that I feel like a 2-year-old learning to speak so others can understand me. I’m feeling it in some ways this week.

In the past I would beat myself up here and stop. I would go back to what was familiar. .

The yoga sutras talk about the rate of change and I come back to it often because I find it helpful: When we first do something new, it’s awkward, we stumble. If we keep practicing, we get a little less awkward. If we keep going, we get better at it until it becomes second nature.

It’s taken me years, I do mean years, to just get the hang of getting to this awkward place, staying, and offering kindness instead of judgment. to see and value my effort and not get stuck ruminating on my failure. And to keep practicing instead of deciding I can’t do something.

Each time we stay, we grow in some way. .

If you’re having a messy week, celebrate that you’re doing something new. Be kind as you work to refine what you’re doing. Regardless of the ultimate outcome.

I could list the things this past year that I have tried that didn’t work out. They still grew me.

Keep growing!