I am on a mission to expand the modern-day definition of self-care because it is something we all so desperately need in our everyday life. There’s a whole self-care industrial complex that has sprung up over the last few years to convince us that self-care means spending good money to really care for ourselves. If we love ourselves…
So I ask you: What does self-care mean to you? If we interpret self-care as something we have to spend money on or take time off to do, such as getting a mani-pedi or buying ourselves something new, self-care is the first thing we skip out on when either of those are limited. This is usually when we need it most.

If we draw from the yoga sutras and yoga philosophy, we can expand our definition of self-care to a relationship with ourselves. One in which we are noticing our basics needs (am I hungry? Do I need some rest?) and meeting those needs with care. Using this definition, self-care can be a simple hand on the heart checking in. It can be a yoga or meditation practice. It can be what you are needing in the moment. And, yes, sometimes that is going out and getting a massage.

So today, right now, check in with yourself. Close your eyes. Take a few long breaths in and out the nose. And notice what you’re feeling, what you’re needing. What care can you give yourself in this moment.